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We all face stress every day. Physical stress from work, exercise and poor posture combined with environmental stress from toxins and poor diet choices as well as emotional stress from all aspects of life.

All of this stress is cumulative. It can keep building and creating patterns of muscle tension and negative thinking.  It can impact the immune system and nervous system as well as create muscle tension.  Receiving massage therapy in addition to cultivating healthy habits can  help to reverse this process, and the more often massage is received the quicker you can start feeling well again.

I started this practice with the belief that everyone should be able to afford wellness care. I keep my prices affordable without using gimmicks or memberships .  We want you to come visit regularly because you can feel the benefits of regular treatments, not because you are paying a monthly fee.


Amber Reid LMT

Amber  has been an LMT since 2007, working in a variety of settings ranging from the corporate chain massage companies, to Chiropractic offices, chair massage and providing  in-home massage. 

In 2018 Amber created Zend In with the idea that good service creates the foundation for a great business, and that all customers really want is a great experience that they look forward to.

With a focus on affordable pricing, no extra charges for treatments such as aromatherapy and bio-freeze Zend In has quickly become a local favorite and continues to grow and add quality services at rates that allow clients to truly focus their energy into getting "Zend In"